Using the very latest tracking technology, KN FreightNet delivers premium supply chain visibility and management solutions to help customers substantially improve productivity and efficiency. We provide an easy-to use, convenient tracking tool that will help you determine the position and status of your shipment and answer any questions you or your customers may have while it is in transit – all with full document visibility as well.

Shipping details are just
one click away

With KN FreightNet, tracking down a shipment is now easier than ever before thanks to our simple one-click-to-track functionality – you don’t even need to enter a single reference number.

Submitting documents is now
only a click away

With KN FreightNet the document transfer is extremely easy too. The direct document upload function lets you even upload formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many graphic formats. KN FreightNet will take care of the rest and convert it in a PDF.

Maximum transparency with integrated track & trace functionality

  • Easy-to-use tool that gives you up-to-date information on all consignments shipped within the last 90 days
  • Can be used for all airfreight shipments booked with KN FreightNet
  • Just one quick look in the booking list lets you see the status of your shipment
  • With the click-to-track functionality, you get a comprehensive view of the exact details of your shipment